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Signature program

Creating an (online) program that delivers quality, has a deep impact and honors the expertise that you or your organisation possess.

In het creeeren van een sterk programma heb je een aantal ingredienten nodig: expertise, persoonlijkheid en een missie. 

It's that combination that makes your program unique. Geen 13 in een dozijn programma dus, maar één die naadloos aansluit bij jou, je merk en je missie.

With just a unique program, you're not there yet. It's the knowledge of how to communicate your expertise in a clear way to your participants that makes your program really impactful.

And that's exactly why you're here. . In the Concept Factory, the learning process of your participants is the starting point. Quality and impact are paramount.

Ik help jou een sterk (online) signature program neerzetten.

Here you can find the ways in which the Concept Factory can help:

NB. All routes are 1 on 1, online, via Zoom.

Custom made

€ custom-made


  • Heb jij behoefte aan een kortere brainstorm over je bestaande programma? Of heb je een vraag die niet in één van de bestaande pakketten beantwoordt kan worden? Vraag een vrijblijvend kennismakingsgesprek aan, waarin we achterhalen wat jouw specifieke vraag is en hoe we deze kunnen beantwoorden.


  • A custom offer
Most popular


€2500 (excl btw)


  • Phase 1: Ontdek jouw signature methode; de combi van jouw persoonlijkheid, expertise en missie
  • Phase 2: Get to know your participants in a deeper, more substantive way.
  • Phase 3: Zet een framework neer waarmee je de meeste impact hebt op jouw deelnemers
  • Phase 4: Ontdek spot-on werkvormen die jouw online programma naar een hoger niveau tillen
  • Introductory meeting in advance, without any obligations
  • 4 sessions of 60 - 90 minutes
  • Comprehensive feedback on completed assignments
  • All sessions in audio files plus the assignment documents including feedback, forwarded by Wetransfer


  • A clearly structured outline for a unique, high quality online program,
  • tailor made for an optimal learning process of the participants,
  • and that fits perfectly with who you are and what you (and your organization) have to offer.


€5000 (excl btw)

  • Everything from 1 to 1 Full
  • Plus een audit op je volledig uitgewerkte programma.
  • Plus 2 tot 3 extra sessies van 60 – 90 minuten, voor fine-tune vragen.
  • Tips over onderwerpen als het draaien van een pilot & feedback & evaluatie
  • BONUS: Reference e-book containing all the steps of designing an educational program, worth 100 Euros.
I was already working on my online academy and followed coaching. However, this coaching was mainly focused on the marketing side, and I still missed my sweet spot to really go further. Then Petra came my way and I asked very cheekily if she had time next week: and she said YES! Then we started working on the whole outline for my program. We also started looking for what the program really makes me 'me', what is my unique method? What can only I create and teach? So it became an academy that not only had a clear structure and content, but also really fitted me. Petra came up with very effective assignments that went much further than I had ever been able to come up with myself. In short, it has a huge impact on the whole form, value and scope of your program. So if you're looking for someone who doubles the value of your program, you should definitely be with this girl!
My first versions were answered with a "NO, this isn't it yet" and this worked - liberating - confronting. Enthusiasm was the consequence. She taught me to let go of all my 'knowledge' and really start from my unconscious competence. Petra took the lead and showed me what I really have to share, to make it tangible and focus on one clear subject.

Petra knows how to create awe for her knowledge without coming across as intimidating. She challenges you in a loving way.
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