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This is the Concept Factory

... the development factory for signature programs and other educational programs for entrepreneurs and organizations, ánd for continued in-depth development as a leader.

I believe that learning and development are keys to growth, and impact. Impact from a place of love,for your clients, for mankind, for the world. Growing and developing as a leader, you have more to offer to your clients, because you keep moving. Learning and developing makes it possible to pass on what you know and can do to others, who will benefit from it.

That's why you can come here for in-depth leadership and for setting up a strong signature program, or other educational programs. Think of (multi-day) workshops and online academy's.

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I am Petra


the face behind the Concept Factory. En iAnd I have the honor to help entrepreneurs and organizations who want to contribute to the development and growth of others, through their expertise and experience. Who want to make an impact.

Knowing a lot yourself is one thing. But, being able to communicate that knowledge to others is something else entirely. As a development specialist and teacher I know how knowledge and skills can be transfered in a clear and powerful way, with the learning process of the participants as the main focus.

In my work I first look at people from the viewpoint of learning structures and patterns. At the same time I have an eye for the person, the individual, and I am your personal cheerleader. I believe in development, because I believe in the immense power a human being has within him/her.. Growth is not about taking away the 'not being able to', but about developing what is already there.

The process in the Concept Factory looks like this:


Your expertise, personality and experience are the starting point of what happens in the Concept Factory.You have expertise in your field. I have expertise about how people learn, and how you can pass that expertise on to others.


In the process we combine all the ingredients with my expertise; developmental and (inter)personal tips, tricks and analytical insights.


We always go for value as a result. Value for you, as a leader or entrepreneur, and value for the participants of your program. So that with your offer you leave your mark in the world (of your customers).

How can I help you?

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